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The gift is a gift giver to convey the message to the recipient

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The gift is a gift giver to convey the message to the recipient

The gift is a gift giver to convey the message to the recipient
Three hundred years ago, glass mirrors were born. Attach a shiny foil to the glass, then pour the mercury. Mercury is a liquid metal that dissolves tin and becomes a viscous silver-white liquid, tightly attached to a glass plate. The glass mirror has taken a big step forward than the bronze mirror. It is very popular and it has become a treasure purchased by the nobles of the royal family. At that time, only the workshops in Venice would produce this new type of glass mirror. European countries would buy it, and wealth would flock to Venice like a tide. The mirror workshop was concentrated on the island of Murano, surrounded by guard posts and closed tightly. Later the French government bought four Venetian mirror craftsmen with heavy money and secretly sneaked them out of the country. From then on, the mystery of the mercury glass mirror was revealed, and its value was not so noble.
However, the mercury-reflecting mirror's ability to reflect light was not very strong. It was time-consuming and the mercury was toxic, so it was later eliminated. The mirror now has a thin layer of silver on the back. This layer of silver is not coated or electroplated. It is coated with a chemically “silver mirror reaction”. Adding glucose water to the ammonia solution of silver nitrate, glucose reduces the invisible silver ions to silver particles, deposits them on the glass to make a silver mirror, and finally brushes a layer of paint on the line. See here, you will say: "The thing that shines on the back of the mirror is not mercury but silver."
This conclusion falls behind the times again! In recent years, many mirrors in department stores have been backed with aluminum. Aluminum is a silvery white shiny metal that is much cheaper than precious silver. Manufacture of aluminum mirrors is to evaporate aluminum in a vacuum, aluminum vapor condenses on the glass surface, and becomes a thin layer of aluminum film. This aluminum mirror is cheap and promising. In this way, you would say: "Imagine a small mirror, but it is also changing! There are several kinds of chemicals on the back of it."
Gifts are things that are exchanged between people in order to express blessings and ideas or show friendship in social interactions. The gift is a carrier for the gift giver to convey information, emotions and wishes to the recipient. It is usually an object given to each other by people. The purpose is to please the other person or to express goodwill and respect. Gifts are also used to celebrate holidays or important days, such as Valentine's Day roses or birthday gifts, must not be sent. The gift can also be non-material. In ancient China, there was a saying that “Going out of the Goose for a Thousand Miles and Emphasizing Lightness and Affection.” The value of the gift is in the goodwill and mind of the giver, not the value of the gift itself. Gifts do not need to be too expensive, as long as they express their intentions.
Communication presents gifts to each other and is indispensable for human social life. The Chinese have always admired reciprocity. "Book of Rites Song Li Li," said: "Ritual exchanges, never come, non-respect, too, not to go, nor courtesy."
Gifts are produced and developed together with other series of ceremonial activities. We know that rites originated from ancient ritual activities. At the time of worship, people expressed their respect and awe to God in a standard and devout manner. In addition, they also dedicated their devotion to the gods as the most valuable and most respectful item (ie, sacrifice).
Perhaps from that time onwards, in the meaning of rituals, there began to be physical composition and performance. The ceremony can appear in the form of objects. Regarding the concept of gifts, there are also people who say that it originally originated from the tribal annexation of the tribe in the ancient wars of “Nagon”, that is, the conquerors regularly sent conquistadors food, slaves, etc., to show their obedience to the conquered. And plead for the asylum of the conqueror.
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